We can help you uncover the undeniable appeal of your product, service or brand and incorporate that into everything we develop for your Digital Ecosystem, so you can engage with your potential customers and make new ones.

Here's how we do it:

Creativity & Positioning

Finding what's undeniably appealing about your product, service or brand and turning that into a compelling message that would be seriously consumed by your audience.

Web Apps, Landing Pages & Microsites

Engaging content visible on desktop, tablets and smartphones to deliver your undeniable appeal and drive more actions and conversions.

Digital Display & Mobile Campaigns

Campaigns delivered through multiple channels viewable on desktop, tablets and smartphones so you can reach and surround your target audience wherever they are.

Search Engine Marketing

Highly targeted campaigns to get you in front of people motivated about your product, service or brand, and fuel their intentions to buy or take further actions.

Social Media Marketing

Campaigns created to ride on the digital epidemic to spread what's undeniable about you and create impulses to buy – something for everyone's taste.

Digital Ad Creation

Ads created to take advantage of the media's assets for what's possible and advantageous in developing a successful marketing campaign.

Our Portfolio

Companies that have trusted Digilous have benefited from our award winning work. You can too.

Client experience



    2007 Summit MEA, August 2008

    The Lead. recruitment campaign for the Richmond Police Department in California scored among the very best from 544 entries and a winner of the Summit Media Effectiveness award.


    2007 Diamond Awards, January 2008

    The Lead. recruitment campaign for the Richmond Police Department in California won this award for Best Practices in marketing among 59 agencies from 20 countries.


    2012 MarCom Awards

    The Sun Tropics Premium Nectar Business Brochure received this award as it focused on recognizing what you experienced and enjoy in the quality of this brand, which is the fruit and its taste.

About Digilous

Digilous is a digital delivery service created by Crossover Creative and ifthen media that together develop creative and media executions for digital marketing and advertising campaign solutions—that matter.

Digilous was founded in 2009 based on the rapid evolution and transformation of traditional marketing and advertising needs to digital. It recognized the digital cravings by people that have affected the marketing of brands of companies to take action in keeping up with their new diet of technology.

Today this diet has continued to evolve with more ways to consume technology through various devices and yes it has become the social thing to do. Everyone now seems to want to share their diet with friends, family, and coworkers giving credence to a new digitally connected lifestyle.

Digilous sees this lifestyle as something that brands of companies can be a part of with their own menu of things to enhance and support people. We develop their entrées by recognizing the quality of their brand offering that is undeniable and engaging to people through digital marketing and technology.

Our Vision And Mission

We believe that every company should uncover what is undeniably appealing about their product, service or brand and transform that into a meaningful message and deliver this through strategic communication channels to engage their customers.

Uncover Undeniable Appeal

What is it about your product, service or brand's appeal that is undeniable? We focus on what people can't deny based on the truth and how it affects them.

Develop Message

Messaging in content that hit's the sweet spot, which is the essence of your appeal that gets attention and engagement.

Deliver through strategic channels

Understanding your target audience and their media consumption habits is paramount to ensuring your message reaches your potential customers.


Watching, measuring and adjusting the efforts continuously to deliver ROI.

Undeniable appeal.

If you can discover the undeniable appeal of your brand, product or service then you are 90% of the way to successfully marketing it.

Steve Climons - Digilous Founder

Meet the Leaders

Steve Climons of Crossover Creative and lead Digilous.

    Steve Climons

    Founder & Chief Brand Developer

    Steve throughout his career has developed multiple award winning campaigns for some of the largest well known brands today.

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